Enabling Remote Workforce Productivity with AWS

We live in a uniquely challenging world today where we find ourselves in an unpredictable situation. Organizations across industries have shown inspiring efforts with programs to support the fight against COVID-19, and have implemented strategies to maintain productivity and customer delivery in these changing times.


As a result of this, a majority of the global workforce has begun to work remotely. Despite the quick and urgent change experienced, top cloud providers such as AWS are helping facilitate a smooth transition through their suite of services. If you are an organization that utilizes legacy software and applications to run the bulk of your business activities, and do not have a remote work plan in place, now is an important time to look at what options are available to support your employees to help them maintain productivity, while avoiding further workforce disruption.


What business challenges are you facing?
From large corporations to small businesses, organizations from around the world are looking for secure remote work solutions to help with a broad spectrum of challenges that vary based on their unique needs, goals and abilities.


Some companies seek a highly effective, quick and easy solution that can help them minimize impact on productivity to avoid resulting losses. Others seek a temporary solution that allows their teams to access their existing tools and programs so that they can quickly revert back to their usual setups when the situation improves. On the other hand, some companies may find the need for access to proprietary legacy applications such as engineering software and ERP systems, while others may need shared provisioning so that applications can be divided between multiple workers to control costs.


Disruption in business continuity that results from any aforementioned situation can mean large losses in sales opportunities, production blockages, and diminishing customer satisfaction and trust.