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Automation & AI

In its earlier days, automation was done in silos in applications, infrastructure, and testing and different business units. Today, automation essentially involves breaking these silos and providing end-to-end enterprise-level automation. It is no longer only about lowered costs, increased efficiency and minimal human intervention, but more about how it dramatically improves end-user experience by building synergy across different functions, creating a powerful impact. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will enable automation across enterprises, including high-complexity tasks that require human decision making.

Leverage Data & AI’s transformative power with Perform AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has crossed the threshold of pilots, and entered the wider market. 53% of organizations have managed to scale AI projects in production – but only 13% overall have rolled out multiple AI applications across numerous teams.

Perform AI, we comprehensive portfolio of AI & Automation services provides your organization with the ability to leverage the full transformative power of Data & AI at scale. By activating data and insights at the heart of your business, in your everyday decisions and actions, you will augment your organization’s intelligence, and amplify business outcomes you expect from Data & AI.